September Updates and Notes

Howdy, Golly has this school year been busy! It’s only November and I feel like I’ve been in school for six months. My book progress is going well! I am ironing out some kinks with the format and playing around with ideas in my head. The more I plan, the more excited I get! I am currently working on compiling the poems and trying to decide what I want in and what won’t make the cut. Just hang in tight for a few more months and you’ll be holding your very own copy in no time. For my September work … Continue reading September Updates and Notes

Summer Updates and Notes

Howdy! As I may or may not have mentioned before, I am working on my first ever poetry book. To do so I will be reading books, taking surveys, looking at and reviewing other collections of poetry and conducting some interviews. I will be posting some of my research and updates in the form of Power Points, Documents and blog posts. Today I will be sharing my first Power Point with you. It was created over the summer and is a combination of results from the Survey Monkey I did and the book I read. Enjoy! Book: 100 Common Publishing Questions … Continue reading Summer Updates and Notes

Love Poems Pablo Neruda by Nobel Laureate Review

Love Poems Pablo Neruda – Nobel Laureate The book itself is quite small, measuring about 6 inches x 3.5 inches and only a few centimeters in diameter. The cover is simple, a light pink (blush) base color with rose gold swirls. The cover plays to the romantic poems that are inside. The title is in large font that is connected to the swirls. The author’s name is in a smaller font, separate from the swirls, but in the same color as the title and swirls. The spine of the book is a continuation of the cover design with the title and … Continue reading Love Poems Pablo Neruda by Nobel Laureate Review


You know what’s funny? I never noticed I had big lips until you told me you never kissed a girl with big lips before. Well that’s not true but how tragic would it be if it were… I can’t help but wonder if our flaws are flaws because we think they detract from our potential beauty, or if our flaws are flaws because they’re what make us different from those we find to be beautiful. My forehead is too big because hers is small and you think she’s gorgeous. My lips are too big because hers are thin and you … Continue reading Perspective


Howdy! I have neglected my blog for quite some time but I am back! I will now be including poetry book reviews and just thought bubble updates. I will also occasionally have some information about self-publishing that I’ve stumbled across on my journey. If you didn’t know, I am working on my first ever collection of poetry! My goal is to publish in early spring so be on the lookout for more book updates in the future. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see me post about, do not hesitate to comment below! XoXo, Tarebear Continue reading Update