They’re all undertones

Can’t you see?

Can’t you read?

What I don’t say,

Oh that’s what’s killing me.

Because ‘no’ means yes

And ‘I guess’ means don’t go.

But I guess you can’t comprehend

My cryptic code.

I’m screaming but you can’t hear

It’s all whispers to you my dear.

My floods are tears

And your minutes are my years.

It’s all extremes to me.

But you can’t see

How a few simple words

Strung together

So beautifully


Could mend me,

Could cut me so deeply.

Because a sentence from you

Could make my day

And unravel it too.

I like you!

I want you!

I’m thinking so loud.

I wish I could tell you what I’m thinking right now.

But my thumbs can’t type what’s in my heart

or in my brain.

What if you don’t feel the same?

So I’ll hide behind

My ‘hi’s and ‘bye’s

Because it’s safer for my heart

To tell you lies.


Mmmm Watcha Saaay....?

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