Smile Girl

Smile little girl,
oh please don’t cry
I’d hate to see you
Say goodbye

Smile for me girl
Put the knife down
Smile for me girl
Wipe away that frown

Smile for me girl
You’re beautiful
With those pretty little curls

Smile for me
Please don’t do that!
Don’t step off that chair
Why do you insist on beating yourself up like that

Tomorrow will be a brighter day
Take that rope off your neck will ya?
What do ya say?

Smile for me
I know it hasn’t been easy
As if you don’t hurt yourself enough
You have to deal with those bullies.

Smile for me chica
Put down that bottle of pills
You’re giving me the chills

This is so morbid
In the game of death there’s no such thing as for fit

Please don’t take the cowards way out
Things will get better
I have no doubt

Please don’t do this
Think of your family
This is crazy
You could just get help
Won’t you rethink this baby?

But it was too late
She stepped off the chair
Sliced herself one last time
Giving out a piercing yelp
She swallowed them all in one big gulp

Her mom comes home
But it’s just too late
She’ll never see another birthday cake

And her brother walks in
She’s dangling from the ceiling fan
But he can’t help her
It’s too late, no one can

Her grandma finds the empty bottle of pills
Sitting on top of her will

There’s a note
On her nightstand
She says she couldn’t hold on
The pain was a force too strong
She couldn’t find a way out
She was being dragged down into a hole of sadness
By a force with such might

Her sister stands looking at her casket
Dazed and confused
“Why my sister in this basket?”
Her father struggles to explain
And it starts to rain

The rain like her tears
Heavy and salty
But she couldn’t just cry her pain away
She wasn’t that lucky

He looks at her and says
“Smile Nina
Everything will be Okay
You’ll see you’re sister again one day”


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