The Awakened Ones

“We could still…” He sighed pushing a strand of jet black hair behind my ear, “Do you know how beautiful you are?” he whispered. I smacked his arm.

“Are you crazy? You can’t just say things like that out in the open Jedidiah!” I exclaimed.  I looked at him wide eyed, his brows furrowed in frustration.

“I’m tired Lindy, I’m so tired of all these rules, I love you, I’ll shout it on the mountains, I love you, I always will.”

“Sure, you’ll shout it on the mountains and then they’ll shoot you down,” I rolled my eyes “To love is to feel, and to feel is to be in danger.” I responded making my whisper sound as stern as possible.

“You don’t believe that, you know that’s a load of crap Lindy.” He took my hand in his. “Remember when we used to feel freely Lindy? When I used to kiss you and you used to kiss me back? When you used to believe that… that maybe we could make it out of this place? What changed?” he asked his voice pain stricken. I looked at him; he was so handsome with his fair skin and dark hair, his pain filled black eyes.  I couldn’t bear to let him go…but then again, I couldn’t bear to see him dead either. I pressed my lips up to his.

“Go home Jedidiah.” The light completely left his eyes but luckily, he obeyed. Little did he know I haven’t given up on leaving Utopia; actually, the opposite has happened. I’ve found a way out. I can’t tell him, leaving Utopia won’t be easy, it will be nearly impossible and chances are, I won’t even make it to the opposite side. Jedidiah still has a chance here. All he has to do is forget me and forget leaving and he’ll be fine. I’m not like him; I can’t fake it, can’t live in a place like this, where I have to constantly follow rules and keep my feelings under wraps. That’s not me, and I’m ready to break free.


Utopia is supposed to be a perfect place, a place where people can always be safe. But there’s a catch, if you want to be safe, and want to live, you’re not allowed to feel. Almost anything falls under the categories of feel; happiness, anger, sadness, and most dangerous of them all, love. Not feeling rids of sicknesses such as depression and eradicates all evil thoughts or feelings, feeling means you’re not completely aware, if you’re feeling then you are not ready to defend yourself at all times. But they’ve got it all wrong. Feeling keeps you alive, awake. But of course, humans aren’t able to naturally not feel, lucky for us, they thought of that. To keep us from feeling, every morning we are forced to take the perfect purple pill which is this tiny little lavender pill that basically puts us in a walking coma, you’re in your body but not in control of your limbs, your mind or anything, like sleep walking. You can’t think and most importantly you can’t feel. So I’ve heard. See they didn’t account for those of us with stronger minds than the others, those of us who are able to resist the pill. We are ‘The Awakened Ones’ Jedidiah and I are only two of them, we know about twenty others but it’s rumored that there are others who have escaped. I walk down a broken road; it’s been worn down, neglected. Anyone else would see a rundown slab of asphalt but to me, it’s an adventurous road, a road that leads to somewhere good. I see something glinting in the distance, I stop to pick it up, it’s a small golden thing on a chain. I’ve read about these things before, it’s called a key, it has a small engraving of a heart on the back, I put it around my neck; I think of Jedidiah. I’m not sure for how long I’ve been walking before I reach a shimmering river, the sunlight bounces off of it, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful before. I slowly wade through it; I reach the other side and pull myself out.  Before me stands a large barbed wire fence, the same fence that has held me in for years. Not anymore. I jump onto it and climb it slowly but skillfully. I swing over and drop down hitting hard ground. Freedom.

“Thought you’d never make it.” A deep and familiar voice says behind me, I don’t need to look up, I already know who it is. I smile.


Mmmm Watcha Saaay....?

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