Toxic Air

And he breathed it
The toxic air like poison on my skin
And I don’t know why
But I still feel them

The butterflies

Shouldn’t they be gone?
Long gone with the wind?

But still, even now
I want to feel you on my skin

And it burns
Oh it burns

The acid in my chest
But I still can’t help but think
you were the best

You were the best thing
That’s happened to me

You taught me how to be happy
But you were gone so sudenly

On to the next one
So easily dismissed, was I baby?

And now we are here
Breathing in the toxic air

I’m left with bitter sweet memories
But you don’t even remeber what we had baby

I’m chocking now
On the toxic air

But you breathe fine
It’s just not fair

Everytime I see you
I feel it again

How was it so easy
for you to forget?

I’m dead now
Killed by the toxic air

You throw your head back and laugh.
It’s simply not fair


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