You Can’t Be Here

I wipe the back of my hand across my lips

I press my hands onto the cold veneer

I look up at my reflection

I puff up my cheeks and blow out the air

I wash my face

I scrub.

I scrub.

My tears remind me of you.

I cannot get rid of you.

I brush my teeth

Soap across my lips

I need to vanquish the taste of your kiss

I rub.

I rub.

I need it off.

I need you off.

But the taste of your lips is still on mine

It has traveled down my throat

It tickles my spine

I need you off.

Your smell out of my nose.

Your words out of my head.

Your touch off my skin.

Your face out of my mind.

I fill the tub

I close the drain

A bottle of bleach trickles in like rain

It burns.

Oh it burns.

Like acid on my skin.

Like your smell in my nose.

Like your words in my head.

Like your touch on my skin.

Like your lips on mine.

It sears.

But I need to get you off.

I need to get you off of me.

But you are in me.

Your words in my head.

Your face in my mind.

Your name etched into my heart.

My head goes under


I take a deep breath.

It burns.

It burns.





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