when you broke my heart I thought you walked away with the air I breathe and left my lungs stiff and motionless. I thought you drained my blood and left my shattered heart unable to contract and release ever again. I was wrong, I will breathe on I will will my heart to beat on. I will live on. I will not let you kill me. Me Me I am in charge of me I can save me. When you broke my heart I thought you took my life with you when you left. But no. I can fight on … Continue reading Will

for Him

and I’d want nothing more than to come running to you come crying to you but since I’ve done some goodbye-ing with you I can’t come crawling to you even though I can’t stop thinking of you my heart won’t stop aching for you my heart is still beating for you but I can’t go to you because I’m not your problem anymore. No. you closed that door. so I’ll start crying for you… start dying for you… goodbye-ing for you Continue reading for Him