The Violinist

I always loved the way you’d hold your violin close tight as if it would run away and the notes you played so beautiful so sad no one would ever know that your instrument was damaged broken twisted your violin was unlovable but you found a way. You put your heart into every song. Then you left your violin maybe her notes were too sour maybe her broken parts demanded too much attention. You left your violin broken and longing for your touch… if you listen close you can hear her wailing sad notes in night not nearly as beautiful … Continue reading The Violinist

Talk to Me

I crack open my chest Iet my heart bleed out Every crimson drop Stained with my feelings I present you with A bowl of demons And you fidget And you squirm I can see your demons they’re banging around In your head But your chest is locked Silence Your heart is sealed I can’t help you If I don’t know what you feel But you shut me out You push me away Baby, I’m running out Of things to say I talk I talk I talk too much But that’s the way I show my love You listen You listen … Continue reading Talk to Me


when you broke my heart I thought you walked away with the air I breathe and left my lungs stiff and motionless. I thought you drained my blood and left my shattered heart unable to contract and release ever again. I was wrong, I will breathe on I will will my heart to beat on. I will live on. I will not let you kill me. Me Me I am in charge of me I can save me. When you broke my heart I thought you took my life with you when you left. But no. I can fight on Continue reading Will

for Him

and I’d want nothing more than to come running to you come crying to you but since I’ve done some goodbye-ing with you I can’t come crawling to you even though I can’t stop thinking of you my heart won’t stop aching for you my heart is still beating for you but I can’t go to you because I’m not your problem anymore. No. you closed that door. so I’ll start crying for you… start dying for you… goodbye-ing for you Continue reading for Him

Return to Normalcy

I used to be poet Then I got rid of my muse My frown turned up side Down No longer singing the blues But now my hands ache for A pen and my fingers itch Longing to type I knew this wouldn’t last I knew this happiness would pass And now my poetry Is tinged with the same Hopeless longing Lack of sense of belonging That I’m used to. Heartbreaks back baby You miss me? The darkness has found a leak And now the sadness can seep Back into my soul Fragmenting my being With its acid nature Until I … Continue reading Return to Normalcy


Is it so bad To want to be wanted? guys want my hands they want my chest they want the back but no worries never the front they want isolated pieces of me as if they’re shopping for body parts in a graveyard guys only like me when they want me and they only want me when they need me they only need me when they want isolated parts of my body to tailor to their specific needs. I am not a corpse a lifeless piece of flesh I am a body With a soul Knocking, clawing begging to be … Continue reading Parts


there are demons who have crawled up through my hands and feet slithered through my veins and taken up permanent residence in my head. But not before spreading vicious ichor throughout my body staining my thoughts with paranoia and self loathing. Their hisses seep through my skin and bones, penetrate my arteries and flow within my blood stream Their lies and judgements buzz around my brain like bees While their accusations of imperfection clog my heart I think therefore I am I am a crumbling castle of regret and blame. I look in the mirror and a hollow home for … Continue reading Exorcism

Go to Sleep

We treat our bodies like t-shirts Sleep deprivation Is equivalent to a little wear and tear It’s okay if I don’t sleep now I’ll sleep when I’m dead Unlike a t-shirt You only get one body You cannot stay up Stay up Stay up Circles around your eyes Mood tarnished by fatigue And when you’re done Trade in your run down corpse For a new Rested body Students sometimes We gamble with fate Is this assignment really worth my health Usually the answer is yes Because completion Equals high grade And high grade equals Average And average equals GPA And … Continue reading Go to Sleep