Go to Sleep

We treat our bodies like t-shirts
Sleep deprivation
Is equivalent to a little wear and tear
It’s okay if I don’t sleep now
I’ll sleep when I’m dead
Unlike a t-shirt
You only get one body
You cannot stay up
Stay up
Stay up
Circles around your eyes
Mood tarnished by fatigue
And when you’re done
Trade in your run down corpse
For a new
Rested body
Students sometimes
We gamble with fate
Is this assignment really
worth my health
Usually the answer is yes
Because completion
Equals high grade
And high grade equals
And average equals
Equals good college
Bad college
Or no college
They told me freshman year that
My grades mattered now
I didn’t listen
What they didn’t tell me
Was every missed assignment
Ever bombed test was a nail
In my coffin
a peace sign to my youth
a kiss blown
at my at my happiness
Now it is junior year
And I am killing myself
To compensate for the damage done
To my disgusting transcript
and the lack of sleep
has found its way
up to my brain
and is corroding
the neurons
and and
what was I saying
I don’t smile like I used to
I am sixteen years old
And I cannot remember the
Last time I slept before midnight
Closing my eyes is an
Admission of failure
it is me telling the fatigue
you win
Students sometimes
we gamble with fate
Is this assignment
this quiz
this test
this essay
this stupid SAT
worth my health
Sometimes the answer is no
Sometimes you read a book
you watch a movie
you go to sleep
Not because you’re weak
Not because you’re not cut out
for high school
not because you’re not ready for college
Because you are tired
You are tired
and you are
Treating your body like a t shirt
You wear it and wear it and wear it
Into the ground
And you don’t know when
the shift occurs
but suddenly
The bags under your eyes
Are a permanent feature on your face
Fatigue becomes your only emotion
and you’re tired
But it’s the type of tired that sleep
Cannot cure
Do your homework
Do your best
Do what you need to do
but do not….
If you’re going to let the classes kill you
make sure they know
what did it


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