Is it so bad
To want to be wanted?
guys want my hands
they want my chest
they want the back
but no worries never
the front
they want isolated pieces
of me as if they’re shopping
for body parts in a graveyard
guys only like me when they want me
and they only want me when they
need me
they only need me when they
want isolated parts of my body
to tailor to their specific needs.
I am not a corpse
a lifeless piece of flesh
I am a body
With a soul
Knocking, clawing
begging to be heard
But my not exactly magazine perfect face
and a little too clingy personality
are never wanted
so when my Bible hugging,
good girl self
can’t give you what you wanted
partly because I won’t
and partly because yes I want to be wanted
but I’m sick of being wanted in only that way
Don’t worry.
We can still be friends.


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