there are demons
who have crawled
up through my hands
and feet
slithered through my
and taken up permanent
residence in my head.
But not before
spreading vicious
ichor throughout my body
staining my thoughts with
paranoia and self loathing.
Their hisses seep through my skin and bones, penetrate my arteries and flow within my blood stream
Their lies and judgements buzz around my brain like bees
While their accusations of imperfection clog my heart
I think therefore I am
I am a crumbling castle of
regret and blame.
I look in the mirror
and a hollow home for
self pity
stares at me.
I want my body back.
The demons tell me that
I am not enough.
They bicker and tease
threaten to drive me insane
Pointing fingers
If I scream loud enough
will I be able to drown out
their hissing of my name.
Today I will block out
the screeching and hissing.
I will reconstruct this castle
with memories of happiness
and I will burn out the demons
with the sounds of laughter
real laughter
because I deserve to be happy.
I am good enough.
is me reclaiming my body.
My. Body.
is my exorcism.


2 thoughts on “Exorcism

  1. I felt the creepy freezing cold, and also the determined breath you took while standing up for your own, and all through your words! You words not only speak but make the reader feel… You are really a hell of a poet!


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