Talk to Me

I crack open my chest
Iet my heart bleed out
Every crimson drop
Stained with my feelings
I present you with
A bowl of demons
And you fidget
And you squirm
I can see your demons
they’re banging around
In your head
But your chest is locked
Your heart is sealed
I can’t help you
If I don’t know what you feel
But you shut me out
You push me away
Baby, I’m running out
Of things to say
I talk
I talk
I talk too much
But that’s the way
I show my love
You listen
You listen
You listen but never speak
Honey, oh honey
This is looking bleak
I beg for you
To let me in
Say what you need to say
But I guess you don’t
Show your love that way


Mmmm Watcha Saaay....?

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