Where do the Eraser Shavings Go?

where do the eraser shavings go?
I mean after you erase your mistakes
and wipe the pink and grey
little shaving off your desk
you never stand up and look at the
ground and think
“Hey look, it’s the t that I accidentally dotted like an I”
“It’s the apostrophe that didn’t belong”
“It’s the love letter I couldn’t send”
You walk away and forget your mistakes
forgotten on the floor
and they drift away
Holden asks where the ducks go
during the winter
But where do the eraser shavings go?
Are our mistakes floating out there
procreating with some dust
and giving some kid the sniffles?
I’d like to think that my mistakes
just blow away and disappear
because that’s how mistakes should be.
Mistakes come back and they haunt
you and taunt you and you’re forced to
stare at them like a line through a misspelled word.
No one looks for the eraser shavings
because they’re not interested in the fate of their mistakes.
So what do we do when we run out of pencils?


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