Meant to Be


I see y’all hug in the in hallway

and I can’t pretend that I’m okay

Cause I’m not

It should be you and me



But gosh I can’t help but admit

She makes you happy

The ‘perfect fit’

But I still can’t help but think


We were meant to be



You smile at me and I melt

I can’t believe you didn’t

Feel what I felt

Don’t you know you make my heart beat

Faster than it’s supposed to?

Can you feel it too?





I can see it

The flame behind your eyes

You feel it

You want it too

So can bring back

What we had

We could be the perfect two



I see y’all hug in the hallway

And I’m not okay

And I probably never be

We were meant to be


1. Grit your teeth
Close your eyes
And imagine you can fly

Where would you go?
Nobody would know,
Turn your room into paradise

They scream and shout
the noise is so loud
but you can’t hear
you’re gone so gone
Turn your music on
And fly away
Little bird it’ll be okay
Just fly away

2.Sometimes the noise gets in your head
as you toss and turn in your bed
they don’t have a clue
what they’re doing to you
but they wouldn’t even if they knew-



Fly away little bird fly away

Pretend you don’t don’t hear a word they say

Spread your broken wings

Spread your broken Wing and fly away- fly away-

3: Grit your teeth
Close your eyes
And imagine to fly