Fall Survey Results

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Wow y’all haven’t heard from me since October. Sorry about that! I’ve been busy as a bee with a combination of college applications, homework and traveling. Before I went to China, (yes, I went to China) I surveyed some of the teachers and members of my graduating class at my school. I have been running under the assumption that my teachers and fellow seniors will most likely make up 95% of the people who buy my book. Let’s look at the survey results and see if that is true.

I surveyed 24 high school teachers and 36 seniors.


87% of teachers surveyed like poetry.

83% of teachers surveyed would buy a poetry book written by a student.

79% of teachers surveyed would buy a poetry book for $10.

37% of teachers surveyed would buy a shirt to promote a student’s book.

75% of teachers surveyed listen to the announcements most of the time/everyday.



66% of seniors surveyed like poetry.

80% of seniors surveyed would buy a poetry book from a peer.

66% of seniors surveyed would buy a poetry book for $10.

41% of seniors surveyed would buy a shirt to promote a peer’s book.

52% of seniors surveyed listen to the announcements most of the time/everyday. 



The majority of teachers surveyed receive their school related news through students, other teachers and emails.

The majority of seniors surveyed use Instagram, Email, Text and Snapchat (in decreasing order) as means of communication.



I would like to believe that the numbers are in my favor. Of the 20 teachers and 29 seniors who claimed on the survey that they would buy a book, I believe about 15 and 20, respectively, may actually do so. The one result that was disappointing but expected was the amount of people who selected no for the question regarding the shirt (27 teachers and senior in total). But the shirts are simply a method to promote the book and the survey presented me with some insight on potentially better ways to promote. A shockingly high amount of teachers and seniors listen to the announcements. I was already planning on announcing my book release party on the announcements but the results are extra incentive to do so. I also know that social media will be my best bet for distributing information about the book, including how to buy it, to my peers.


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Tarebear the Writer



Trench Coat

On cold nights
I would pull you
in by your
trench coat.
You always wore
a trench coat.
And you’d wrap
your long arms
Around me.
I didn’t know
Darling, I didn’t know
that our last kiss
would be our last.
I didn’t know
baby, I didn’t know
how safe I felt
In your arms.
I didn’t know
honey, I didn’t know
how warm you made
Me feel.
Until I was left
frightened, and cold.
I miss your
trench coat.
You always wore
a trench coat.

I Don’t Know Why

I don’t know
I don’t miss you
But goodness
I wanna cry
I wanna scream
It’s not about you
It’s not about me
It’s not about
anything anymore
It’s about how everything
Is so much
so much
too much
I think too much
I can’t cry
The tears won’t come out
I’ve dried up
I don’t miss you
I want to cry
I just don’t know why


don’t tell me
that you like me
if you don’t mean it
my feelings
are not a chess match
you cannot play me
until you win
I will not be your
consolation prize
when you can’t have
the girl whom you
deem as
actually valuable
I am valuable.
So if you only want my body
tell me that you
only want my body
but don’t lie
and say you like me
just so you can have me
I am not a piece of


You know what’s funny?
I never noticed
I had big lips
until you told me
you never kissed a girl
with big lips before.
Well that’s not true
but how tragic would
it be if it were…
I can’t help but wonder
if our flaws are flaws
because we think they
detract from our potential
or if our flaws are flaws
because they’re what
make us different
from those we find to be
My forehead is too big
because hers is small
and you think she’s gorgeous.
My lips are too big
because hers are thin
and you want to kiss her.
I am too tall
because she is petite
and you want to hold her.
I am all wrong
because she is my opposite
and you love her.
Isn’t that funny?

Burning Out

I never noticed

that each time

I gave you a piece of me,

I was tearing myself apart.


Once a constellation

I am now a run down

collection of burnt out



If you won’t

set my heart ablaze,

If you won’t pick up

the fragments of my being

that are scattered on the floor,

at least return the pieces you have taken.


I wish to be whole again.



I have neglected my blog for quite some time but I am back! I will now be including poetry book reviews and just thought bubble updates. I will also occasionally have some information about self-publishing that I’ve stumbled across on my journey. If you didn’t know, I am working on my first ever collection of poetry! My goal is to publish in early spring so be on the lookout for more book updates in the future.

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see me post about, do not hesitate to comment below!



Site Under Construction!

Howdy! You’re going to notice that a lot of my poetry will suddenly disappear from my site, do not worry! I am preparing for my book (coming soon!) and will be removing the poems that are going in the book from my site. I will also be stripping my TeenInk as well. Thank you for understanding! I hope you are as excited about my book as I am!


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