I have neglected my blog for quite some time but I am back! I will now be including poetry book reviews and just thought bubble updates. I will also occasionally have some information about self-publishing that I’ve stumbled across on my journey. If you didn’t know, I am working on my first ever collection of poetry! My goal is to publish in early spring so be on the lookout for more book updates in the future.

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Site Under Construction!

Howdy! You’re going to notice that a lot of my poetry will suddenly disappear from my site, do not worry! I am preparing for my book (coming soon!) and will be removing the poems that are going in the book from my site. I will also be stripping my TeenInk as well. Thank you for understanding! I hope you are as excited about my book as I am!


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Girl Crush

I’ve lurked on your page
five times this week.
Your eyes are gorgeous
your hair is something
your lips are extraordinary
you are a creature so delicate
in your crafting
it would be an understatement
to say God spent his time on you
your body is divine
a physique that I wish were mine
I’m lurking on your page again
call it a girl crush
call it checking out the competition
I have to remind myself
that I lost the fight
to a fair opponent
I could have never competed
against your quasi-perfection
I’m lurking on your page again
to make sure that I could not
have done anything more
the battle was won
before the I even hit the floor.
They tell girls not to
pin themselves against each other
but how can I not compare
your hundreds of likes to my
pathetic double digits.
But I still like your
pictures faithfully.
A fair game was played
and you won.
I’ve lurked on your page
six times this week.

Where do the Eraser Shavings Go?

where do the eraser shavings go?
I mean after you erase your mistakes
and wipe the pink and grey
little shaving off your desk
you never stand up and look at the
ground and think
“Hey look, it’s the t that I accidentally dotted like an I”
“It’s the apostrophe that didn’t belong”
“It’s the love letter I couldn’t send”
You walk away and forget your mistakes
forgotten on the floor
and they drift away
Holden asks where the ducks go
during the winter
But where do the eraser shavings go?
Are our mistakes floating out there
procreating with some dust
and giving some kid the sniffles?
I’d like to think that my mistakes
just blow away and disappear
because that’s how mistakes should be.
Mistakes come back and they haunt
you and taunt you and you’re forced to
stare at them like a line through a misspelled word.
No one looks for the eraser shavings
because they’re not interested in the fate of their mistakes.
So what do we do when we run out of pencils?

Something New…

I’m working on something but I need a little help. Pick the title that sounds most appealing to you and if none of them sound appealing feel free to tell me or suggest one!


Thank you!



when you broke
my heart
I thought you
walked away with
the air I breathe
and left my lungs
and motionless.
I thought you
drained my blood
and left my shattered
heart unable to
contract and release
ever again.
I was wrong,
I will breathe on
I will will my heart
to beat on.
I will live on.
I will not let you kill me.
I am in charge of me
I can save me.
When you broke my heart
I thought you took my life
with you when
you left.
But no.
I can fight on

for Him

and I’d want nothing more
than to come running to you
come crying to you
but since I’ve done some
goodbye-ing with you
I can’t come crawling to you
even though I can’t stop
thinking of you
my heart won’t stop aching
for you
my heart is still
beating for you
but I can’t go to you
because I’m not
your problem
you closed that door.
so I’ll start crying for you…
start dying for you…
goodbye-ing for you

I Gave My Grandma a Break Today

My heart breaks
for my grandmother
she is old
she is ill
Her memory is
Along with what
seems to be the
scraps left
of her sanity.
Walking is difficult
eating is difficult
living is difficult.
Though she spires
me with bitter
words full of rancor
I must forgive her
for she knows not
what she says.
My heart breaks
for my grandmother
because I am short
with her.
My temper is hot.
But she knows not
what she says.
She knows not
what she says.
How awful it must
be to watch the line
between reality and
fantasy begin to blur.
I must forgive her
for she knows not
what she says.
My heart breaks
for my grandmother

I Don’t Like Summer

I never liked summer
Because summer means
Free time
Alone time
free time means
For the reply that will
Never come
because you actually
have a life whereas
mine revolves around
waiting for you
For you to care like I do
But you never will.
Summers make me
The ultimate dumpee
Because I will always be
Here when you return