Love Poems Pablo Neruda by Nobel Laureate Review

Love Poems Pablo Neruda – Nobel Laureate

The book itself is quite small, measuring about 6 inches x 3.5 inches and only a few centimeters in diameter. The cover is simple, a light pink (blush) base color with rose gold swirls. The cover plays to the romantic poems that are inside. The title is in large font that is connected to the swirls. The author’s name is in a smaller font, separate from the swirls, but in the same color as the title and swirls. The spine of the book is a continuation of the cover design with the title and “ND” (presumable for A New Directions Paperbook) towards the bottom. The back cover has few swirls continuing from the spine and the barcode at the bottom. The book is a perfectly bound paperback (pages glued together) with folded flaps on the front and back cover. On the inside flap of the front cover the ISBN number and price of the book is listed along with a short summary of the collection and three reviews. The short description of the collection uses attention grabbing diction, such as “fiery” and “captivating”, to attract the buyer without saying anything about the poems themselves besides where they were written and a general idea of what they’re about. The description draws in the reader by mentioning that Pablo Neruda  is a Nobel Prize winner and by following that with reviews that revere Pablo Neruda as a great poet. The back flap has a photograph of Pablo Neruda with an extremely brief biography underneath followed by a quote about the poet. Below the quote in smaller letters is cover design credits, illustration credits and author photograph credits. Beneath that information is the publisher information including name, logo, address and website. The front cover flap is followed by a design-less title page, then another title page that mimics the cover design. The secondary title page also contains the name of the translator (as the collection of poetry contains Pablo Neruda’s poems side by side in both Spanish and English) along with the name of the publisher and the publisher’s logo. On the back of the secondary title page is the copyright page. Next is the table of contents, titled simply “contents”, which lists the names of the poems in both English and Spanish along with page numbers. The next page is a third title page that serves as page 1 but is not marked with a page number. The inside of the book is formatted in plain text, no bolding, underlining or italicizing. The title of the poem in Spanish is in a slightly larger font then the poem itself and is in all capital letters. The body of the poem is in the same font as the title but the letters are not all capitalized. The English translation of the poem follows the same format and is mirrored on the next page.  The page numbers are decorated with swirls similar to those on the cover (simplified) and are located on the bottom left of the left page and bottom right of the right page


The overall structure of the collection of poems is quite visually appealing. The book is the perfect size because there are not a lot of poems in there so if the book were any bigger vertically, it would be way too thin. The size of the book also lines up with the size of Pablo Neruda’s poems because many of them fit on one page. In my opinion,  the organization of beginning is a little awkward because there are simply too many title pages. Yet, I really like the formatting of the interior. The font of title of each poem was not drastically different from the poem itself which is beneficial for easily gliding into the poem. The font is really easy to read and the design on the page numbers adds a simple elegance to each page. I really like the cover because it is simple but tasteful. The rose gold coloring of the swirls adds some elegance and the blush background plays well with the romantic poetry. Having the description, author information and reviews spread out on inside flaps is great for design because it declutters the back. The organization of the poems themselves is also rather clever because some poems that are similar are placed near each other such as how “Your Feet” , “Your Hands” , and “Your Laughter” are back to back right after “The Queen”. The length of the book is also nice because it is only 20 relatively short poems all adding up to only 90 pages.–zbBJ2BY92





You know what’s funny?
I never noticed
I had big lips
until you told me
you never kissed a girl
with big lips before.
Well that’s not true
but how tragic would
it be if it were…
I can’t help but wonder
if our flaws are flaws
because we think they
detract from our potential
or if our flaws are flaws
because they’re what
make us different
from those we find to be
My forehead is too big
because hers is small
and you think she’s gorgeous.
My lips are too big
because hers are thin
and you want to kiss her.
I am too tall
because she is petite
and you want to hold her.
I am all wrong
because she is my opposite
and you love her.
Isn’t that funny?

Burning Out

I never noticed

that each time

I gave you a piece of me,

I was tearing myself apart.


Once a constellation

I am now a run down

collection of burnt out



If you won’t

set my heart ablaze,

If you won’t pick up

the fragments of my being

that are scattered on the floor,

at least return the pieces you have taken.


I wish to be whole again.



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Girl Crush

I’ve lurked on your page
five times this week.
Your eyes are gorgeous
your hair is something
your lips are extraordinary
you are a creature so delicate
in your crafting
it would be an understatement
to say God spent his time on you
your body is divine
a physique that I wish were mine
I’m lurking on your page again
call it a girl crush
call it checking out the competition
I have to remind myself
that I lost the fight
to a fair opponent
I could have never competed
against your quasi-perfection
I’m lurking on your page again
to make sure that I could not
have done anything more
the battle was won
before the I even hit the floor.
They tell girls not to
pin themselves against each other
but how can I not compare
your hundreds of likes to my
pathetic double digits.
But I still like your
pictures faithfully.
A fair game was played
and you won.
I’ve lurked on your page
six times this week.

Where do the Eraser Shavings Go?

where do the eraser shavings go?
I mean after you erase your mistakes
and wipe the pink and grey
little shaving off your desk
you never stand up and look at the
ground and think
“Hey look, it’s the t that I accidentally dotted like an I”
“It’s the apostrophe that didn’t belong”
“It’s the love letter I couldn’t send”
You walk away and forget your mistakes
forgotten on the floor
and they drift away
Holden asks where the ducks go
during the winter
But where do the eraser shavings go?
Are our mistakes floating out there
procreating with some dust
and giving some kid the sniffles?
I’d like to think that my mistakes
just blow away and disappear
because that’s how mistakes should be.
Mistakes come back and they haunt
you and taunt you and you’re forced to
stare at them like a line through a misspelled word.
No one looks for the eraser shavings
because they’re not interested in the fate of their mistakes.
So what do we do when we run out of pencils?

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